2-days seminar.
For information, call +33 6 69 75 55 52

Upcoming sessions :

Friday 7 and Saturday 8 JUNE 2019 L'AIGLE (Normandy - 61) (5 places remaining)


This 2-day seminar will only be accessible to those who have completed the Fascia Structurel® module which is an essential introduction to these two days.

Day 1: Palpatory discovery, tissue understanding of emotion

  • Concept of morphopsychology and morpho-posturo-psychology.
  • Discover to understand, understand to help.
  • Integration of these observations in the tissues./li>
  • The duality of being vs. Appearing.
  • Emotional Anatomy.
  • Integration and palpatory understanding.
  • Typology, temperament and osteopathy.
  • Discovery and understanding of tissues relational interfaces.
  • Practice and osteopathic use of all these notions.

Day 2: Fascial analysis of emotion for diagnosis and treatment plan.

  • A cranial approach to being and its relation to the unconscious.
  • Proposal for somato-emotional treatment./li>
  • Observation, treatment balance.
  • Work on ecstatic intuition: explanation and practice.